Utility Recycling

What We Do



We have perfected the simplest packaging methods possible to keep shipping and handling costs at a minimum. Additionally, our onsite storage containers, warehousing, and cross docks allow us to offer you the most convenient and cost efficient storage possible for your used meters. That’s how each of our locations caters to the storage needs of your company, while our all-inclusive pricing guarantees no hidden costs. We’re here to work with you to make sure your meters are transported, stored, and recycled as efficiently as possible. 


Our experience, both foreign and domestic, has prepared us to take on any size of recycling project and in any location. Whether its millions of meters that need be transported across the country, or a local project, Bay Metal will work with you to devise the best plan for organizing and transporting your recyclables. From Ohio to Tennessee, from Chicago to San Palo, Brazil, each of our facilities is strategically located, allowing us to map out a plan tailored perfectly to your company.


At Bay Metal, creating a custom plan to meet your needs means working closely with you. We are committed to making sure that each step of the process has you in mind. That’s why we use state of the art scanning to track each and every meter. A weekly customer report will keep you informed of the progress of your project, right down to the details of each and every one of your recyclables.


Our commitment to being a leader in environmental safety and awareness means that we practice 100% recycling. We will never resell your meters for reuse purposes. Instead, every meter that goes through a Bay Metal recycling process is broken down for the commodities contained within. Every piece of glass, plastic, metal, the circuit boards, batteries, and even all the cardboard boxes go through our environmentally responsible recycling to get the greatest financial returns out of every scrap product. 


When upgrading to smart meter grids the end of life recycling of the old meters is often times overlooked.  Bay Metal provides a secure, turnkey, environmentally responsible recycling solution for their clients.  A certificate of destruction and recycling is provided for every load of meters received.

We evaluate every different type of meter that we recycle to determine what commodities are contained within that specific meter and how best to recycle them in order to maximize the value.  All materials contained within a gas, electric or water meter can be 100% recycled.