From primary through recycled metals - in bales, bricks, ingot or sow - Bay Metal, Inc. can supply material in custom packaging to meet consumer specifications.

As a group we currently buy, sell, process, broker, trade and smelt in excess of 150 million pounds of primary and recycled materials annually, at 7 locations, consisting of 40 acres of land.  A total of 5.5 acres under roof enable us to process and store all materials with no environmental impact.   We physically handle scrap in 40 states, and currently import and/or export to India, China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Canada, and Germany.

Bay Metal, Inc. will assist customers wishing to develop and implement recycling processes at their own facilities. Our considerable experience provides these customers with expertise in system development, implementation and operation.

The Bay Metal Group, in striving to stay in the forefront of metal recycling, has become heavily involved in the powdered metal industry.  We are currently buying, selling and processing these commodities along with helping these and other companies convert their non hazardous recyclable by-products according to E.P.A. guidelines.

In addition to the standard metal processing equipment, Bay Metal, Inc. also utilizes an array of specialized systems. Crushing, sizing, separation, and blending units facilitate serving the powdered metal industry; along with custom separation of a wide variety of materials from other industries.

We operate and maintain our own fleet of trucks and equipment, along with a chosen few reliable sources to service our customers and consumers.  We are, as always, committed to be an asset to the companies we service as well as the communities in which we reside.