The Bay Metal Group is solely involved in the marketing and conversion of primary and secondary recyclable metals. The companies comprising this group represents in excess of 50 years in business, with the Principals having over 150 years combined experience in metals recycling, marketing and smelting operations.  When combined with our sales force, the number climbs to over 300 years experience.

Since 1969, the name Bay Metal, Inc. has been synonymous with Quality Customer Service. We are an industry leader in environmental awareness.

An aggressive management and sales staff, inspired by executives with a vision of the future, teams up with long-term employees to provide hundreds of years of practical experience with enthusiasm for new challenges. Bay Metal, Inc. is constantly adapting its services to meet the needs of the customer, never losing sight of high efficiency and continuous improvement. In response to the globalization of secondary raw materials, our marketing areas have expanded to include exports directly to consumers in China, India and much of Southeast Asia.


What Sets Bay Metal, Inc. Apart From the Others?

We work with our customers on a continuous basis, striving to maximize customer returns. This is accomplished in many ways, including:

  • Assisting customers wishing to develop recycling processes at their own facilities,
  • A sales staff that keeps a constant eye on the domestic and international metal markets, helping customers to receive the highest return for their material,
  • Metallurgical analysis preformed on-site, providing accurate identification and characterization of metals,
  • An array of specialized systems, including crushing, sizing, separation and blending units, in addition to the standard metal processing equipment,
  • Supplying material in custom packaging to meet consumer specification, from primary through recycled metals - in bales, bricks, ingot or powder.


What We Offer

  • Our expansive, well-lit floor plan was designed to promote organization, streamline production flow and maximize
  • The volume of uniform scrap and obsolete materials purchased has led Bay Metal to be considered a preferred supplier to customers domestically and abroad.
  • Bay Metal offers a yard that is under-cover, keeping the material well-protected. Our systems of shipping and receiving were specially designed to move product quickly and efficiently.
  • Bay Metal’s modern fleet of trucks offers a wide range of vehicles to accomplish any job.



The Bay Metal Group prides in its environmental practices starting with its greenspace location in Richfield, Ohio. Ensuring zero environemntal impact to the customer is our top priority to the owner and management. To meet that demand, the following engineering measures have been taken:

  • A state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot facility was designed and built to house all processing operations and material storage areas under roof,
  • A specially designed oil collection system was installed to capture residual oils from cutting and stamping scrap, which is then shipped to recyclers for various secondary uses,
  • A comprehensive system of drains and catch basins were constructed in the receiving docks to direct all run-offs to an in-ground oil/water separator. Storm water run-off is carefully monitored according to the engineering standards set forth for the scrap industry by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Exhaustive research and comprehensive engineering ensure that B.A.T. (Best Available Technology) standards are met. Bay Metal Conforms to all of the EPA’s industry B.M.P.’s (Best Management Practices) as well.

Accordingly, all suppliers and customers can be assured that there can be no past environmental infringements and no new problems for which they can be held liable.