What Can I Sell to a Metal Recycling Facility?

Submitted by Bay Metal on Thu, 12/07/2017 - 1:22pm

The average person may not think they have anything they could sell to a metal recycling facility, but in reality, almost everyone can make a bit of extra money by selling scrap metal! Whether you have old computer equipment lying around the house or copper wire that was left behind after a remodeling project, selling these items to a metal recycling facility is a great way to make some extra cash.


Metal recycling facilities accept a wide range of materials, though it is worth noting that certain types of metal will be worth more than others. In general, ferrous metals (or anything that contains iron or an iron alloy) will be worth less than a non-ferrous metal, simply because it is more common. Copper wire and other non-ferrous metals (even aluminum cans) can bring in a good amount of money when they are separated. Computer scrap can be especially valuable.

Almost anything that contains metal can be recycled and re-used — even old appliances. Old refrigerators and washing machines typically use a fair amount of metal in their construction — and their heavier weight means more money at the metal recycling facility.


If you have an item that you think could be recycled for scrap metal, don’t hesitate to give your local recycling facility a call to see if they’ll take it. You just might earn some extra money from your old junk.